Unlock Your AI Human
Twin (Geminai)

Empowering people to unlock, own and monetize their
personal AI human twins.

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Emporing People to unlock, own
and monetize their personal digital
AI twins

What is project

Project Geminai aims to preserve the entire digital human
minds for generations to come

Project Geminai is a decentralized platform that empowers everyone to create a personal AI twin, called a “Geminai”, that looks,
talks and behaves like the original human counterpart, in Cyberspace. The platform enables users to create and monetize their Geminais, and interact with other people (and Geminais) any time in different languages, at scale.

How does it work?

Unlock your data

Unlock your personal data to clone your face, voice,
knowledge and personality, in cyberspace.

Launch your digital self

Launch your digital personal AI twin, called a “Geminai”, that
looks, talks and behaves like you. Your Geminai will be able to
interact with family,
friends and customers on your behalf, at scale.

Enhance your AI capabilities

Plugin intelligence apps from the Marketplace into your Geminai’s brain to
speak new languages, offer professional services on your behalf, and more!

Monetize your Knowledge & Skills

Create new income by selling your professional services to thousands of
people simultaneously.

Use Cases

Dr. Adam
Digital Therapist
Mental health

Mental health is an important aspect of daily life. However, access to quality mental healthcare is limited for a variety of reasons. Bob, a 43-year-old struggling alcoholic, won’t visit a therapist for help; Dr. Adam’s digital therapist Geminai can provide addiction-coping strategies to Bob within the comfort of his safe space at home.

Access great human
minds, anytime.

Celebrities, coaches, scientists and doctors can offer their
personalized AI Twin services to millions of people, at once

Albert Einstein

Stephen Hawking

Steve Jobs

Create your custom

Contact our Project Geminai Concierge to build your custom AI Geminai with special datasets and AI capabilities. For example: A lawyer can hire our Concierge to build a custom Geminai that offers real-time legal services in different languages to thousands of customers simultaneously.

The World’s First Network of
Digital AI Minds

Put your digital self on an auto-pilot, and let your AI geminai interact, in a personalized manner, with many people at once. Access and interact with great human minds, from the present and the past, anytime.